Fostering compassion through education.


Who We Are

2nd Street Hooligans  is a southern California based non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary. Our mission is to advocate for the humane treatment of all animals through education and by inspiring a cruelty free lifestyle. By fostering compassion through education, we seek to make the world a brighter place for all beings. Currently, 2nd Street Hooligans Rescue is home to over 40 animals including pigs, goats, rabbits, chickens, ducks, peahens, dogs and a turkey. Many of our animals came out of animal testing facilities, shelters, other rescues or private homes that could no longer care for them.


“All beings are deserving of compassion, kindness and the right to a bright future.”

— Rachael o’neill, co-FOUNDER


Our Beginning

2nd Street Hooligans Rescue began as a humble backyard passion project for founders, Nick and Rachael O’Neill. Moved by the harsh realities of factory farming and animal exploitation, they adopted a vegan lifestyle and uprooted their family to Norco, CA, an equestrian and livestock community in the inland empire, so they could take in livestock and provide a loving, compassionate sanctuary for animals. 

The small family project quickly blossomed into a deeper calling. Nick and Rachael realized their unique opportunity. They felt that opening their home and allowing people to connect with and view traditional livestock animals in a new way was a starting point to changing peoples hearts and minds. As an organization, 2nd Street Hooligans seeks to educate the public on the realities of animal agriculture and animal exploitation in all its forms as a way to foster compassion, change habits and provide a brighter future for every being on this planet. 

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Majestic Jack

Get Involved

If you live near our property, we are always looking for volunteers to help us around the sanctuary. No experience is necessary and we take volunteers of all skill levels. Donations are also vital for our growth. We want to spread our message far and wide and donations and support help us accomplish that.

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Stay in Touch

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